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Competence in Human Centric Lighting
23. Mai 2019
Trainee Blog
16. Juli 2019

HIGH END uses for a great price, easy installation!

A typical situation.
Four or six 625er fitted downlights in an office.

Now it comes up to the following questions:

Renovation! Dim? Three cores?
With our panel, only three cores are needed to dim.

How big is the expenditure?
Very low! Only a wall-mounted operation unit and a dimmer switch is necessary.

How much does it cost?
Cheap! We only need a phase cut control gear.

For sure, max. 127 dimmer switches, max. 762 luminaires (max. 30W) in one network.

Of course, the dimmer switch is able to work with Casambi.

Where available?
Available from electrical wholesales, soon with other luminaries as well.

Additional information about this offer call +49 4532 2868-22.

OFFER: squareCENTURY625 BAP dimpak