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18. Juni 2019
22. Juli 2019

This first post will present what the blog will be about and what you can expect from a traineeship at arclite®.

Hello, my name is Nicola, I am a trainee as a management assistant in wholesale, and foreign trade specialised in foreign trade. My traineeship started in August 2017, what means that a big part of it is already over. Because of that, I decided to share my daily experiences and the opportunities I was given by arclite® in a little blog for everybody who is interested.

As a business-orientated trainee in wholesale and foreign trade, you have to pass every department of the company. Those departments are purchasing, sales and accounting. However, this are only the “big” departments, what means those, in which you have to pass a longer time (between 4-12 months). You are actively included on the daily processes, so you learn all the important tasks of each department from the very beginning. Often within the departments, the different tasks are shared out between the employees, for example inside the sales department, we have a department for light bulbs and one for luminaires and projects. This splitting assures that everybody in the customer support is specialised for the needs of their customers.

In one of the following posts, I will talk a bit more about each department and the general work you do as a trainee in wholesale and foreign trade at arclite® without telling too much in advance, because this is not a working journal.

Of course as a trainee, you have to go to vocational school as well. It builds the second column in this traineeship. Here you learn everything you need to work actively in the company. The theoretical training in vocational school is a very important part in the traineeship, because in it you are examined in the intermediate exam and in the final exams. Here you also get great opportunities for a view beyond the horizon. But I will say more on that subject later as well.

Best wishes!