22. Juli 2019


The perfect downlight for in- and outdoors.. We created a downlight, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. The luminaire is not 100% water-resistant, but it is resistant enough to be used outdoors (IP44). Quick and easy installation.. While […]
16. Juli 2019

Trainee Blog

This first post will present what the blog will be about and what you can expect from a traineeship at arclite®. Hello, my name is Nicola, I am a trainee as a management assistant in wholesale, and foreign trade specialised […]
18. Juni 2019

squareCENTURY© 625 BAP dimpak©

HIGH END uses for a great price, easy installation! A typical situation. Four or six 625er fitted downlights in an office. Now it comes up to the following questions: Renovation! Dim? Three cores? With our panel, only three cores are […]
23. Mai 2019

Competence in Human Centric Lighting

Competence in Human Centric Lighting – A complete package from arclite®, Tridonic and Wieland Electric  Light is quality of life. And not just because it adds light. Modern Human Centric Lighting (HCL) systems take the visual and also the emotional […]