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ARCLITE® - the whole spectrum in lighting.

With ideas from ARCLITE®
When it comes to professional lighting, arclite® is one of the first addresses in Western Europe for more than 29 years now. We offer the whole range of lighting products and services supplemented by individual LED lighting solutions, years of experience and expertise and ideas of our employees.
Light Solutions made in Germany.

To buy in the whole world.
At out locations in Germany, Austria and in the Unites Arab Emirates arclite® offers excellent products and services all around professional lighting to its customers. During this, we support our customers in the planning and implementation of their ideas. Our products are traded not only on the domestic market, but also worldwide.

Consultation, planning, service.

ARCLITE® delivers what customers need.
After a detailed planning together with our customer, our lighting experts stage sales areas, hotels or offices skilfully with light.
Basic of our service-orientation is the effective and efficient use of light, which support you to create individual atmospheres.
Our whole expertise mass-produced.

ARCLITE® luminaires made for high-end uses.
energy mind® VISION and lumen CENTURY® that is how the lighting technologies are called, which we offer to our customers for almost every use since 2009. In those technologies the whole experiences and ideas of our employees is included. For that, we always react immediately to the wishes of our customers for which we offer an high-quality manufacture of our luminaires “made in Germany” at attractive prices.

With us, your lighting dreams come true.
Just talk to us.

We accompany you step by step to the right light, which bring out the best of your products.