The company’s mission

Competent and goal-oriented

  • 1.

    The customer is always the centre of attention of our behaviour.
  • 2.

    Quality, flexibility, promptness and politeness are
    the basic elements of our offer.
  • 3.

    We feel obliged to the following generations.
    Through responsible actions, we take care of humans and nature.
  • 4.

    We feel responsible for the steady development of our products.
    Our partnership with our suppliers as well as our
    permanent quality controls safe our expertise.
  • 5.

    The economic success
    safes the high quality of our product range.
  • 6.

    "arclite®" is an important brand for high quality lighting.
  • 7.

    Motivated and qualified employees
    contribute to the success of the company.
  • 8.

    Very satisfied customers are goal
    and standard for the success of our work.