Discover the component range by arclite®.
We offer an extensive range of technical components for
the arclite® luminaire program and a lot more uses.

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arclite® Produkte
Flexible LED stripes + accessories

LED flexband, aluminium profiles, covers and accessories.

Aluminium profiles + accessories

Aluminium profiles made from an high-graded commodity.

Tracks Eutrac + accessories

Eutrac track systems and attachments, also for data bus.

Tracks Global + accessories

Global track systems and accessories, also for data bus.

Mounting frames

Mounting frames for square recessed luminaires in modular grid ceilings.

Wieland Plug systems

For the energy connection of the products, cables with the Wieland plug system are available.

Electronic transformers

Electronic transformers for halogen and LED Retrofit lamps.

LED drivers constant current

A series of high efficient constant current LED power supplies.

LED drivers constant voltage

Compact, universal & efficient. Very powerful LED drivers.

Digital LED dimmers

Digital dimmer, phase cut and reverse phase control, one4all input: DALI-, DSI- and switchDIM-input.

Accessories for lighting control

Accessories for lighting control and networking.

Accessories for FFECT luminaires

Accessories for FFECT lighting uses.