Technical planning files

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Experience and flexibility in light design
Advisory competence, practical experience, flexibility and closeness to the customer are from high value and the parameters of success leading in direction of your specially tailored lighting concept. The choice of the right light is crucial for the success of the presentation of your goods. For that, the choice of the right partner in lighting is decisively crucial. arclite® sees itself as an supplier, which accompanies you from the very beginning – from the development of your personal and individual projects to their implementation. No matter if fashion, food or industry, together we work for an individual, special tailored lighting concept!

Technical data.

arclite® technical planning files
For the exchange of photometrical data of the luminous intensity distribution of light sources, the format EULUMDAT is used. As data extension normally *.ldt is used. This format includes information about the light intensity as well as many other capacities.

Here you can download our “technical planning files”.