An insight into our arclite® FFECT© luminaires for RBG + TUNABLEWHITE + HUMAN CENTRIC LIGHTING.

Light is quality of life.

And not just because it adds light. Modern Human Centric Lighting (HCL) systems take the visual and also the emotional and biological effect of light to humans into consideration.

An overall concept around planning, operation, control and installation of these HCL systems is now available from the companies arclite®, Tridonic and Wieland Electric.

Light controls our biorhythm.

Blue light has a stimulation effect, while muted reddish yellow light calms us down and relaxes us. And when we are going to sleep, we can do it best in darkness. Like this, our biorhythm is like since millions of years. But what happens if shift work mixes up this rhythm or the important day light is missed completely at the workspace? Here artificial light – intelligently planned and controlled – can help. Modern Human Centric Lighting (HCL) systems simulate the daylight inside the rooms: beginning with a stimulating effect in the morning and a gentle transition to a relaxing lunchtime until a concentrated afternoon and a gentle transition into the end of work. For that, the natural lighting will be completed by artificial light in the right lightness and colour temperature. You will fell more concentrated and productive.

Planning, operation, control and installation of an HCL system is equally demanding for clients for whom a building is being built, architects, light designers and electricians. An overall concept from the companies arclite®, Tridonic and Wieland could make it easier now. “Together we took the different and complex demands of all the persons involved into consideration to cut our products and services out exactly for their needs”, says Thomas Nieborg from Wieland Electric responsible for installation concepts.

LEDs are simulating daylight

From arclite® comes the innovative PI-LED solutions, which are able to reconstruct the light exactly on the Planck’s curve in a daylight similarly quality. The setting of the colour temperature from 1,800 to 16,000 K satisfies the highest demands on quality and precision and can be controlled automatically time depended or manual or rather sensor controlled. Beside of white tones for the daylight process arclite® systems can also bring about a RGB colour space and also special light emotions. Controlling is possible by wire or wireless. “With regard on the PI-LED technology, we want to emphasize again, that we generate the white light out of the primary colours, that is why we can offer a very high quality and movable white”, accentuates Mike Sadlowski from the company arclite®.

Modern lighting control for individual needs

For the control and operation of this HCL applications Tridonic offers a wide product range. Switch on and off, dim, change of the lighting colour or the alert of default favourite lighting settings can be occurred by push-buttons and touch panels as well as by app based solutions, which run on tablets and smartphones. Also sensors can be connected to the lighting management system. The DALI based lighting control systems by Tridonic offer a fresh attempt at demanding light solutions with its single addressing option and its status reports as well as with its extensive monitoring functions and its programming parameters.

HCL solutions – easy to install with flat cables

All components will be installed easily, quickly and safely with flat cables from Wieland Electric. The reliable connection technology safes time and money in the first installation and is flexible in modifications or changes. On average there is an application based saving of time of more than 70 percent with a Wieland flat cable solution, which leads in turn to a total cost reduction of 30 percent. For the electrical supply of the DALI based HCL lighting systems Wieland offers the 5-polar gesis® NRG flat cables 5G2,5/4mm² and the 7-polar versions 5G2,5/4+2x1,5mm². In this flat cables the 1-/3-phased supply network leads along the DALI signal, which makes it possible to pick it off at any position with an appropriate 5-polar and pluggable flat cable adapter (in case of 7-polar flat cable with free phase selection).

Light is quality of life.

A selection of our FFECT © luminaires

floorFFECT 20 BAP

trackFFECT 5

topFFECT 385

squareFFECT 625 BAP

roundFFECT 113

penFFECT 1200