lineCENTURY 4000© LED Light Band System | linear

Newly developed, inexpensive, all requirements integrated. Easy and quick installation.

The ARCLITE® lineCENTURY 4000 LED Light Band system is the ideal lighting in new commercial halls. Mature, well thought out and therefore easy to use.

You have ultra-modern, long-lasting lighting in your new hall. Your employees will be happy about the optimal and standardized workplace lighting.

Contemporary industrial lights today differ significantly from the previous generation. By equipping with LED modules instead of high pressure discharge lamps or fluorescent lamps, smaller designs and significantly higher luminance levels are possible.

ARCLITE® industrial lights. Robust, inexpensive, durable. Made for you.

The lineCENTURY4000 from ARCLITE® is a high-quality LED light strip system for surface / pendant mounting in factory halls and for retail.

Mounting rail

The lineCENTURY © lineCENTURY 4000 mounting rail consists of powder-coated aluminum. The rail is available in two standard lengths (1- and 3-length). Wiring with 5- or 9-core cables with a cross-section of 1.5mm² can be installed in the profile. If required, cables with 2.5 mm² are also available. All cables have axial plug-in connections, which enable a simple, continuous connection of the mounting rails without tools.

LED Light Band System | linear

- High quality LED light strip system for surface / pendant mounting.
- Single row optics with different beam angles and CCT.
- 3-phase track insert can be integrated.
- Easy, tool-free assembly.
- Installation accessories to be ordered separately.
- Close color tolerance MacAdam 3.
- Luminous flux decrease after 100,000h L 80 / B50 at ta 25°C.
- Integrated, non-dimmable control gear.

Special feature

- Logical and quick assembly.
- Different system lengths.
- Multiple light outputs with a single module insert.
- Numerous system components.
- Different optics and color temperatures.
- Optional 5-way or 9-way wiring, 11-way in preparation.
- DALI on request.