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When it comes to professional lighting, arclite® is one of the first addresses in Europe for more than 29 years. We offer you the complete range of lighting products and services.

Biodynamic and melanopic lighting solutions

Human Centric Lighting

arclite® offers unique lighting solutions with the PI-LED lights and components.

With the unique HCL luminaires from arclite®, the course of daylight can be reproduced from 1,800K to 16,000K with a CRI value of >90.
Additional feature: colored light.

To implement melanopic lighting planning, the "melanopic factor" of the luminaire is required in the respective light color. arclite® is the first supplier to show this melanopic factor for all PI-LED HCL lights . The melanopic application increases well-being and vitality, health and alertness.


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We offer the whole range of lighting products and services supplemented by individual LED lighting solutions, years of experience and expertise and ideas of our employees.

Germany, Austria and Unites Arab Emirates at more than four locations. Here, we support our customers in the implementation of their ideas. Retail trade and wholesale markets, hotels and offices, industry and warehouses – skilfully staged with light.

Intelligent light is the next step in the fast changing world of lighting. With arclite® “tubeable white” LED systems the colour temperature can be changed from warm white to cold white at a CRI of at least 90. Dynamic controls like Bluetooth, DALI, DMX or ZIGBEE open many options.

Holistic arclite® “Human Centric Lighting” light solutions are aligned to the biological basic needs of humans – just like the sunlight, the natural daylight process in its spectral quality is almost identical replicated.

You want a big selection of colour temperatures and casing colours, a high colour rendering index and highest efficiency at low energy consumption? arclite® offers all of that with its high-quality luminaire series energy mind® VISION.

Professional quality for wholesale trade at good prices are available with our series lumenCENTURY®. Both product series are produced mostly in Germany. With that, light designers and users are on the safe side. Basic of our service-orientation is the effective and efficient use of light.

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